Payment Processing

About Us

World Class Technology

  • SecureMyPC has invested heavily in state of the art Information Technology & Telecommunications infrastructre.
  • We select technology components to maintain your service levels for stability, reliability, compatibility and performance.
  • SecureMyPC IT infrastructure is highly scalable to meet your growing business needs.
  • Extensive measures of physical and logical security deployment that incorporate disaster recovery and contingency planning.

Local Presence

  • SecureMyPC is based out of Columbus, USA.
  • Our ecperienced managers are available to talk to you or meet with you in person whenever you desire.
  • Project planning, quality control, account management and reporting is done right from the Columbus office.

Proven Delivery by Quality Reps

  • Our employees are chosen for their definite track records in their fields thereby assuring you the best fit at all times.
  • They choose us because of the high value we place on results over theory and the organizational culture we have been able to develop.
  • These professionals help transform knowledge into practice whether we are helping you manage your global change initiatives or reducing risks in day-to-day operations.

Consistent Skills Upgrades

  • Skill upgrades are serious business at SecureMyPC and the outcome is a highly motivated, quality conscious work-force.
  • SecureMyPC training platform follows industry-proven tools, techniques and methodologies that routinely focus ensuring high quality levels.
  • This ensures consistent performance and superior service grades consistently over-achieving the SLA metrics.

Quality Guarantee

  • Our quality control procedures at multiple stages of production ensure all projects are executed properly, accurately and in full compliance with legal requirements.
  • We have extensive measures in place to ensure our data and facility security are fail safe.
  • This ensures consistent performance and superior service grades consistently over-achieving the SLA metrics.

Contact Center Management

  • We provide a total solution for customers’ sales and service needs.
  • Based on proven and innovative automatic call distribution (ACD) technology, we are able to offer call routing and resource selection capabilities designed to help agents handle call more effectively and to boost the overall level of the call center’s productivity.

Transaction Processing Services

  • SecureMyPC provides backend support and processes large transactions for its clients like rebate processing, order fulfillment, application processing, information verification and confirmation.

Information Technology Services

  • Custom System Development, System Integration & Deployment, System Maintenance & Engineering, Support Business Solutions and IT Consulting.

An Overview

  • SecureMyPC does quality assurance and evaluations of Calls, chat, and data communications.
  • Our strong quality team ensures to report detailed feedbacks and coaching to the operations team. This includes highlighting the improvement and impacts on the products & services.
  • We have adopted best practices and methodologies and an uncompromising approach to ensuring excellence in delivery.
  • Our reporting structure and online feedback providing solutions enable the workforce to self analyze the improvement.
  • The quality strategy is to “Design-in” quality by using various tools and implementing methodologies in a seamless integrated manner.
  • This enables the managers/supervisor to observe the performance of an individual in real time environment.

Approach to Quality Assurance

  • To get broader pool of information from our clients to get more-in-depth view of quality, which can translate to improved customer experience, more streamlined internal processes and a true “outside-in” view of what customers really want.

Value Addition

  • SecureMyPC structured and continuous attentions to quality improvement has proven time and again that our evaluations have not only helped our clients in assuring the quality of the interactions but also with our solutions to improve has affectively increased the revenue growth.


  • Our developmental approach towards evaluating the interactions and providing feedbacks helps a team in self and SWOT analysis giving an edge to the real time feedback.
  • Dedicated evaluation team
    • We not only evaluate the interaction by metrics but also focus on customer’s primary concern
    • Our expertise is also in tying our work to the upstream reasons behind the calls (A fresh approach)
  • Constant Feedbacks improves quality of services.iterations and our model helps in realizing the “outside-in” view of the operations.
  • Assure value for money - off shore quality assurance helps in cost reduction and can provide solutions in 24x7 environment.

Vision & Values

  • SecureMyPC vision is to become the primary choice of any customer when it comes to providing BackOffice services and Software solutions, helping them sustain their competitive edge by delivering Quality, Speed & Cost Effectiveness.
  • We are dedicated to developing and delivering products and services that consistently exceed the expectations of our customers with exceptionally high quality and getting it right-the-first-time performance.
  • The ability to deliver high quality products and services is a direct result of our commitment to the continued development of our people.
  • Our Core Values are the cornerstone of our success. We believe our core values will not only allow us to add tremendous amount of value to our Clients but also constantly help us in fostering a nurturing environment for our employee.